Hey, I'm Dennis!

Data Engineer at NOZ Digital (digital division of the publishing house NOZ Medien / mh:n Medien in Germany), Tech Enthusiast and Dog Daddy.

With a passion for technology, I leverage my technical expertise to help businesses derive valuable insights from complex data sets.

In addition to my work as a data engineer, I enjoy keeping up with the latest trends in web development. This site is my playground to experiment with new technologies and to stay ahead of the curve.

Let’s connect via LinkedIn or Mastodon!

Latest Articles

Deploy Umami Analytics using Google Cloud Run and Cloud SQL

If you are looking for a simple and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics, you might want to try Umami. In this blog post, I will show you how to deploy Umami using Google Cloud Run and Cloud SQL.

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5 Tips You Can Learn in Las Vegas for Your Business

Las Vegas: The city of superlatives. The city of big shows. The city of lights and neon signs. But also, the city of sin and addiction. There are many extremes in Las Vegas, both positive and negative. An inspiring environment to learn some important advice for your daily business.

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Personalization vs. Personality

Our digital lives are characterized by personalization. We have become accustomed to any form of digitality adapting to our lives.

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AMP Is Dead, Long Live AMP

I am absolutely not a fan of AMP. In the website sense at least, as a short form for amplifier in the music area I'm totally with it 😁 Currently, it's about nothing less than the future of Google search. So let’s have a look at AMP!

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Compile Sass With Eleventy

Instead of using Gulp or Grunt, Eleventy can also compile Sass files directly. The players: the new beforeBuild event and Dart Sass.

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Open Path When Starting 11ty Serve

Eleventy comes with a built-in serve mode, which makes development easier. The Browsersync standard can even be overridden since version 7, for example to open the localhost address at startup.

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Debugging Google Analytics While Using Tag Manager

Activate the debug mode of Google Analytics directly via the preview function of Google Tag Manager.

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Generate Social Media Preview Images

Automatically generate link previews for Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp with NodeJS and Netlify. Present a custom thumbnail for each article!

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Cookieless Google Analytics

Data protection-oriented, cookie-free tracking with Google Analytics through the use of the measurement protocol.

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Import Tweets from Twitter API in 11ty

Learn to retrieve your own tweets via API and dynamically display them in the Static Site Generator Eleventy.

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